World’s Best Female Free Climber: 19 Year Old Sasha DiGiulan


Incredible teenager Sasha DiGiulan regularly dangles half a kilometre up over a plunging rocky abyss – aged only 19. The youngster is known as the best female climber after bursting onto the climbing scene as a child. Sasha started rock climbing as a seven-year-old – but was climbing out of her cot before she could even walk and driving her parents mad. Included in her astonishing repertoire of climbing feats, Sasha is the youngest ever woman to complete a coveted 5.14d graded climb – the hardest route achieved by any woman ever. She’s also the reigning US National Champion – scooping first place three years in a row. In fact, she’s been topping sport climbing since 2004 after remaining the undefeated Junior pan American Champion from 2004 until she turned 18. Then in her first year as an adult she took gold in the Climbing World Championships 2011 in Arco, Italy. Sasha, from Washington DC, USA, is currently Number One in the world ranking for Female Outdoor Sport Climbing. Her passion for the sport has taken her to climbing events in 15 countries – including Spain. Between her climbing and Columbia University, New York, schedule where she studies Creative Writing, busy Sasha is also fighting for her biggest dream. As an Athlete Representative she is helping the International Federation of Sport Climbing to make climbing an Olympic sport and wants to compete in the games.

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