Mountain climbing is one of the most difficult sports, but it can be very rewarding. Trace is here today to discuss all of the aspects of climbing.

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Into Thin Air: Mountain Climbing Kills Brain Cells
“IN THE LATE 1890s in a laboratory atop a 4,554-meter peak in the Monta Rosa range in the Italian Alps, physiologist Angelo Mosso made the first direct observations of the effects of high altitude on the human brain: by eye and with an apparatus he designed, Mosso peeked into the skull of a man whose brain had been partly exposed in an accident, observing changes in swelling and pulsation.”

Mountain climbing without the headaches caused by altitude
“By monitoring blood flow in the brains of six climbers scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, German medical researchers have identified a possible way to prevent the headaches that are a common feature of altitude sickness.”

Rock Climbing, Fat Fingers and Arthritis
“In any physical activity, there is always the risk of acute injury – cuts, scrapes, bruises, and even broken bones are often par for the course.”

What Are Calluses And How Are They Formed?
“These extra-tough patches of skin are generally quite useful–we might even say handy–because they act like a kind of natural armor, protecting areas of skin that get an unusual amount of wear and tear.”

Your thumb and fingers don’t have ANY muscles
“Our fingers themselves do not have muscles in them.”

Muscles of the Wrist and Fingers

Don’t Look Down!
“Why are people scared of high roller coasters, air travel, and walking on the edges of cliffs?”

Fear of Heights: Do you have acrophobia?
“Are you afraid of heights? Watch this video and see what you think (but remember – don’t try this at home – even if you have access to a 1000 foot tall tower!)”

Evolutionary psychology explores ancient and newer roots of instinctual fears
“Cars kill a lot more people than spiders, bats, snakes and wolves, but why don’t we fear them in the same visceral way?”

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Evolution of Hands & Feet

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Why Is There Air?


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