This is a video review done by the kids of their Step 2 Skyward Summit. It has to be one of the coolest toys a kid could own. We got this toy from our Great Grandpa. The toy is meant for kids aged 4-8 (all 4 of our big kids are within that bracket), but we have had older and younger friends over to play and they have all enjoyed our Mountain. Although it’s only a few large pieces, it actually took a little more effort to put this together than we had anticipated. It is very difficult to attach the rope ladder. There is no give in the rope, so stretching it is not an option. We ended up removing the bar along the bottom so we could push the plastic a bit to get the rope ladder to attach. After the rope ladder is attached to the blue side pieces, you are supposed to use a couple washers and a long screw to attach the top of the net from the inside by the landing zone to the outside of the green and orange pieces. Even when removing the washers, there just was no way we could get all of the screws in place. We finally gave up after over an hour of trying and let the kids play on it without the rope ladder on one side. The next day, we went to the hardware store and got a longer screw in order to finish the project. One thing I noticed while researching this toy online was that in all of the images, it appears to be a square. The base of the toy is in fact a rectangle. The blue sides are longer than the orange and green ones. Also, in the online images, I couldn’t tell that there was the landing zone in the center of the toy. It makes sense to have it there so they don’t fall 7 feet down when they go through the hole in the top of the purple part. It’s kind of a trampoline-like material. The kids LOVE this toy. They play on it every single day. Wanna see what we did with the huge box this came in??? Video here:
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