Their feat is about to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World
Records…and indeed it is truly a triumph of the human spirit.
Five disabled people, four in wheelchairs and one on crutches,
have staged a successful assault on the highest peak in the
Caucusus mountains. Four of the five climbers, and a team
accompanying them, made it to the 5,047 meter summit of Mount
Kazbek on October 11. The peak is the highest ever climbed by
disabled people.



00.00 ws mountains
00.05 helicopter lands
00.09 mountaineer lifted off helicopter
00.13 climbers set up gear
00.17 cu equipment readied
00.22 mountaineer winches his way up
00.27 rough weather towards summit
00.31 cu winch
00.35 ms climber
00.37 ws climbers
00.41 emotional climber reaches peak
00.48 climbers with national flags
00.51 flares
00.57 scenic shot climber watches
01.00 ws scenic view

1.05 ends

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