Mountaineering 402 is probably everyone’s favorite course. Basically, it’s structured like a giant climbing road trip, under the guidance of an IFMGA and a WEA instructor. There are three main goals here. The first is to give you the chance to spend a few weeks here and a few weeks there doing some major alpine objectives in places as varied as Alaska, Canada, New Zealand, and the Pyrenees, building up your resume, and challenging yourself in as many different areas as possible. You need a big resume of climbs to take your WEA and AMGA exams, so here’s where you’ll build it. Your instructors will be there to help advise and teach and mentor as you go, making sure you keep on track toward your bigger goals. But you can’t climb every day (your head would explode). So on the 1-3 days a week (average) when you’re not skiing or climbing, your instructors will run you through a bunch of drills, scenarios, and exams that look just like the exams you’re going to be sitting for the WEA and AMGA at the end of the course. The goal is to make sure that by the time you actually take your AMGA and WEA exams, you’ve seen the content so many times that it’s all just normal stuff for you. The third goal is to give you some exposure to some new companies, guides, and areas. We try to work with as many different guides as possible while on this course, so you get lots of contacts for when you’re trying to get a job a bit later.

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