American mountain climbers Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson earned reputations as two of the world’s best by pushing limits and setting out to conquer icy, steep routes others couldn’t scale. That fearlessness and passion led them to a treacherous mountain peak in a remote part of Pakistan this summer for their second attempt at making a climb never done before. They nearly died last year on the first try, miraculously surviving a 400-foot fall down the mountain. This time, they did not make it off the mountain. According to The Associated Press, a search launched Aug. 28th for the missing climbers was called off Saturday by their families after helicopters found no signs of the men or their equipment on the mountain they began climbing on Aug. 21st. On Wednesday, search officials said in interviews that 33-year-old Dempster and 34-year-old Adamson were presumed dead. Dempster and Adamson were two of the most accomplished alpinists of their generation. The two, both from Utah, went missing amid snowy, cold and stormy conditions on the north face of a nearly 24,000-foot peak known as Ogre II within a group of mountains called Baintha Brakk. Dan Richards is CEO of Global Rescue, a private organization involved in the search. He said exactly what happened may never be known, but it’s possible they were buried by an avalanche or fell into a crevasse. Both of those scenarios would explain why searchers found no signs of the two or their equipment.–Missing%20Climbers-Pakistan/id-0018a327d36d4168a3b70f535d0c1937


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