Episode #170: Mountain Climbing Movies (Season 7 Premiere)
In honor of “Everest”‘s big IMAX release, Jon kicks off the seventh season of “Movie Night” with a look at some more mountain climbing movies (haven’t already reviewed “Cliffhanger” and “127 Hours” in earlier episodes” Besides the featured film, Jon also reviews “Vertical Limit” from 2000, and the documentary, “Touching The Void”.

Jon’s review of the new IMAX laser format — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ-hyG2nU3c

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Tonight’s Films:
• Vertical Limit (2000) — Shallow, popcorn entertainment with death-defying heroics, 7/10.
• Touching The Void (2003) — Distressing, but honest account of incredible courage, 8/10.
• Everest (2015) — Gripping experience told with detrimental accuracy, 7/10.

Review Next Episode’s Films:
• Mission To Mars (2000)
• Red Planet (2000)
• The Martian (2015)

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